Ridley Noah 1204A Frameset

While most bicycle companies would be content to rely on their tubesets for an aerodynamic advantage, Ridley's research and development on their flagship Noah go far beyond tube shapes and bike geometries. The latest generation of Ridley's groundbreaking Noah shares the same proven aero features as its earlier iterations — including an aero downtube, internal cable routing, an aero seat tube that extends into an integrated seatmast, and a deep rear wheel cut-out. What sets the Noah apart from other aero bikes is its use of Ridley's R-Flow technology.

Ridley Dean RS Frameset

We understand the importance of a good fitting triathlon bike, that’s why our new Dean RS features more comfortabletri specific geometry. We don’t stop there, our patented R-Flow aero technology ensures that drag is kept to a minimum,so that you can save your energy for pushing hard on the pedals.

- New geometry offers the best combination of aero positioning and comfort (XS and S sized sloping frames)

- R-Flow jet foils reduce drag by 6.4% by drawing turbulent air away from spokes

- R-Surface paint technology reduces drag by 3.6% by increasing laminar flow

Ridley Noah RS Frameset

The new Noah RS inherits groundbreaking R-Flow technology and geometry from the Noah and provides the R-Flow aerodynamic advantage at an entirely new price level.

- R-Flow Jet foils reduce drag by 5.5% by drawing turbulent air away from spokes

- R-Surface paint technology reduces drag by 3% by increasing laminar flow

- Adjustable full length aero carbon seat post

- Internally routed cabling minimizes airflow disturbance

Ridley Helium Road Frameset

Ridley‘s lightest racer for 2011 offers the best combination for stiffness, low weight and all day comfort.  Brutal Belgian pave and Tour de France hors category climbs are no match for the Helium.

- Oversized round tube shape and integrated seat post offer the best stiffness to weight ratio.

- Flex seat stays increase rider comfort.

- Carbon rear drop outs and full carbon head tube reduce weight.

- Hollow bottom bracket technology increases lateral stiffness without adding weight

Ridley Noah Frameset

Described By Katusha’s Robbie McEwen as the fastest bike he has ever ridden. The Noah’s aerodynamic technology offers up to 2km/h advantage in the sprint and up to 15 watts less power input needed to average a 50km/H breakaway. The Noah is the ultimate frame inthe pro tour peloton, no compromise, just pure speed.

- R-Flow jet foils reduce drag by 7.5% by drawing turbulent air away from spokes

- R-Surface paint technology reduces drag by 4% by increasing laminar flow

- Oversized head and down tube for superior lateral stiffness and handling

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