Fizik Race Edition Arione R3 Kium The Golden Race


White beach, red rocks: California

Snap out a salute for the USA’s highest ranking race! Arm yourself with the world’s finest saddle and stretch your legs like the pro’s for an eight-day march across California’s hard-hitting cycling battleground. Make the sun your ally as you engage with an ever-more punishing route.

Fizik Race Edition Aliante R3 Braided The Burning Cobbles


The anthracite of the pave and the red of Hell

The oldest professional race is also one of the most feared and fearsome – with its trademark cobbled roads and rutted tracks dating from northern France’s days of coal-mining and wartime bombs so often met with rain, wind and snow. But history can’t record the buckled wheels, punctured tires, numbed wrists, jolted spines and rattled teeth that plague those who take the course on. Strong men scared to slip and fall lest they disappear under the thundering wheels behind.

Fizik Race Edition Aliante R3 Kium The Belgian Challenge


Yellow like the Flanders flag

Whether or not the weather gods choose to smile on an April Flanders day, it is the narrow roads, cobbles, corners and banks that characterize De Ronde – yet it’s the devil’s own short, steep climbs – mur – that define this Monument. And there’s none more notorious than the Koppenberg, an ascent so vicious that it made the Badger, Bernard Hinaut exclaim, “What on earth have we done to send us to hell now?"

Fizik Race Edition Aliante R3 Kium La Doyenne


The forest green Monument

Characters are made and hearts are broken in the green of the forest and on the final Monument’s many punchy climbs. They work together to deliver an unforgiving beating, sapping away energy like a boxer on the ropes.

The most natural athletes show their strength and prepare their bodies to face the last of the spring classics, La Doyenne. But strength of physique alone is not enough for this test – it is the dedication and commitment of the strongest characters that make the difference to this Old Lady. Have you got it?

Fizik Race Edition Antares R3 Braided LA Course


Keep it yellow!

The Alps. The Pyrenees. The fields of sunflowers. The cobbles. The vines, the wines, the sun, the rain, the champagne… the Champs Elysées.

Romance and history surround this race like no other and with the world’s focus comes an intensity and a pressure of expectation. There is no finer race than La Grande Boucle, and no finer feat than to win it. No race calls for a finer set of attributes, which only the classiest of racers posses. The demands facing the highest class of competitor call for the highest class of equipment.

Fizik Race Edition Antares R3 Kium La Corsa Rosa


The iconic pink

The toughest ride for victory and for passion.

The toughest ride fi’zi:k.

Fizik Race Edition Arione R3 Kium LaCorsa Dei Due Mari


Gold like Neptune’s trident

From coast to coast in a week that no-one can ever truly predict. Who can be strong enough to tame the Race of two Seas?

Many prepare, looking forward to the season, thinking – hoping – that they are ready for the challenges ahead, facing the climbs, daring the descents, racing the clock and fighting the elements. Head to head and turn for turn. A rainstorm? A headwind? A brutal climb or an uphill sprint? The strongest of riders may need to conquer all of these and more to grasp the trident and be crowned King of the Seas.

Fizik Race Edition Arione R3 Braided La Classicssima


As blue as the sea

So you’re Eddie Merckx. No, you’re Erik Zabel or Oscar Freire, right? Are you Cipo, Jaja, Cav or Spartacus? Are you the one to take on the punishing 300km of La Classicissima and not just survive it, but win it?

The very first classic race of the year celebrates the spring and a new classic races season, but no-one can be sure if it ushers in the spring weather, or retains the telling bite of winter. What we can be sure of is that the debilitating distance and the sapping Poggio will determine who is champion in Sanremo.

Fizik 00 Saddle Bag

The fi’zi:k road 00 saddles benefit from improved weight distribution and a host of fi’zi:k technologies, providing support, efficiency, light weight (from 140g!) and comfort – which adds up to pure performance.

The thermoformed Microtex Hardcase construction is tough, lightweight and weatherproof, forming a sleek, efficient bag that opens out wide to allow easy access to all contents. One spacious compartment with padded lining has room to carry your inner tube, tire levers, CO2 canister and inflator.

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