Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports Chain Keeper

The anodized red Feedback Sports model stands out on its own, and works with both quick release and 12mm thru-axle dropouts. The design features an expanding end design for 12mm thru-axles that imitates many expansion plugs usef for carbon fiber steerer tubes. The standard QR fitment has its own end cap that slots into the drop out to prevent spin. Both are reliable and easy to use with the main aluminum cylinder providing the dial tension you need to secure the keeper in the dropout .

Feedback Sports Digital Caliper

Cycling is a sport of millimeters: the width of a tire, the diameter of a seat tube, the thickness of a handlebar -- it all can make a difference. To stay on top of it all, you need something that can provide quick and accurate measurements. The Feedback Sports Digital Caliper is an affordable but indispensable addition to your toolbox.Feedback Sports prides itself on the sensitivity and accuracy of its digital measuring tools.

Feedback Sports Summit Table Top Digital Gram Scale

The Feedback Sports Table Top Digital Gram Scale weighs things. Whether youre a road racer needing to confirm a dose of doped blood from Dr. Ferrari, a messenger needing to accurately divvy up the load for the day, or an honest-to-goodness gram-counting weight-weenie, this Feedback Sports Systems digi scale always tell the truth.

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Work Stand

You have more tools than anyone you know and your 'shop' has spread from a corner of your garage to take up an entire bay. So as the guy everyone comes to for help with new handlebar tape, chain installation, and those pesky brake shoe cartridges that just won't come out, you're now ready for the Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Work Stand.The choice of professional mechanics all over the world, the Pro-Elite Work Stand is a heavy-duty, portable stand featuring the innovative and patented Quick Release Secure-Lock clamp.

Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Work Stand

Ride your new bike long enough and at some point you'll likely develop a curiosity for how to fix it. But if you've ever tried to repair or maintain your bike while it leans against a wall, you know how frustrating it can be.

Feedback Sports Recreational Work Stand

Easily perform maintenance or simply wash your bike on this value-oriented repair stand.

  • Reliable spinner-knob clamps onto seatposts, tight places and different tube diameters
  • Recreational's head is fixed at a comfortable 55 in. working height
  • Legs and clamp head fold for easy storage; no tools required for easy setup and tear down
  • Tripod configuration holds up to 60 lbs. on flat or uneven surfaces; large rubber footcaps enhance grip
  • Base footprint: 42 x 26.8
  • Load capacity: 60 lbs.

Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight Work Stand

This extremely lightweight repair stand is built to professional standards yet weighs only 10.5 lbs. for convenient travel and compact storage.

Feedback Sports Velo Wall Rack 2D

It’s safe to say that the Feedback Velo Wall Rack 2D Rack is the most adjustable wall mount to date. Still a quick and easy answer to safely storing bikes and freeing up floor space, the Velo Wall Rack 2D allows you to adjust the angle of the bike from the wall to make the most of your precious space. Where standard bike wall hooks store bikes perpendicular to the wall, the Velo Rack 2D cradles the top tube and/or seatstay to store it closely parallel to the wall. A must-own for cyclists with full-suspension mountain bikes or any other bike with a non-flat top tube.

Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand

While working on carbon bikes, it's a bad idea to finagle them into a traditional work stand. Integrated seatmast? Good luck. Aero seatpost? Keep trying. And while the jury is still out on even clamping carbon fiber, you're better off securing your bike how every pro-team mechanic in the world does -- by the dropout and bottom bracket. Cleaning your drivetrain, installing new parts, and adjusting derailleurs can all be done quickly and safely with the Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand.

Feedback Sports Velo Cache

This space-saving indoor bike storage unit holds two bikes up off the floor in a stable and secure manner.

  • Black aluminum column has two specially engineered support arms with soft molded cradles
  • Arms can be independently adjusted in height to conform to all types of bicycle frame configurations
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