The Best Floor Standing Pump

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A great thumbs up review/test for the Lezyne Steel Floor Drive pump.

In the homogenous world of bike pumps, the Lezyne Steel Floor Drive stands out. Testers and reviewers agree that it’s durable, stable, supremely easy to use, and a great value. The bleed valve, a decent warranty, and long rubber hose are just bonuses. If you’d like to spend less, the Nashbar Earl Grey will require more fiddling and increases the risk of a bent or broken innertube valve, but it’s the best value for a typical design."

Surly Fat Bikes, Rims & Tires

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Nearly nine years, in fact. We've made mistakes. We've had product that needed improvement. Some products haven't stood the test of time. (Remember Endomorph?) We've learned the hard way that Fat bikes and parts aren't a simple matter. Some other companies jumping into this market have arrogantly presumed they could just make it happen. They are now learning many lessons the hard way. Guess what? We have nearly a decade of experience over them. To be blunt, our shit works. And our products are a sound investment based on the knowledge we have built and applied to every product we sell.

2014 Jamis Nemesis Team Bike Review

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Mountain Bike Action April 2014 Review of the Jamis Nemesis Team.

"  Leaps & Bounds:  For riders coming from a 29er, the 27.5 inch Nemesis will bring back memories of accelerating on a 26-inch hardtail - it leaps out from underneath you."

2014 Marin Attack Trail C Pro XT Review

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4 out of 5 star review for the 2014 Marin Attack Trail C Pro XT by MBUK Magazine.

Litespeed Returns to the Pro Peloton!

Legendary Brand Builds on Sponsorship Heritage with Astellas UCI Pro Team

Chattanooga, Tennessee - January 30, 2014 - Veteran bicycle manufacturer Litespeed has announced that they will sponsor the Astellas Pro Cycling Team for the next three seasons. The Astellas Cycling team was recently appointed to the Pro ranks by USA Cycling as a Continental road team and will be making their professional debut in the 2014 season.

Fizik's recap for 2013

CycleOps sponsors Trek Factory Racing

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We have exciting news announcing our sponsorship of the Trek Factory Racing team.  This team includes key riders such as Fabian Cancellara, Jens Voigt, Frank and Andy Schleck.  See below -

Madison, Wis. – (January10, 2014) –From the grueling spring classics to the epic grand tours, cycling’s best professionals require cycling’s best equipment. That’s why Trek Factory Racing looked to CycleOps as their official supplier of cycling trainers and virtual reality software.

Happy Holidays!

Jamis 650B Weekend

Team Sky Talking about Fizik

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