Tire Pressure on Trainers!

Ridley's new Aero Road Bike

Kudos to Alaska Tri Aspire - Paul Jumamil & Kristiane Lim!

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This past weekend, Visayan athletes Paul Jumamil and Kristiane Lim were in action at the San Remigio 8080 event in Cebu. The event consisted of a 1,800 meter ocean swim –a 65 kilometer draft legal bike – and a 14 kilometer run.

Paul went straight into the lead from gun start, where he remained the entire race recording the fastest splits over all 3 distances.

Jamis Dragonslayer

Whats new from Argon 18 in 2016 -

GPS from Lezyne

Why 1X drivetrain? - Here's Why?

CycleOps Blog: Bike Trainer vs. Rollers.

Riding indoors was once a torturous idea that was only considered for the worst weather climates or athletes recovering from injuries. Within the last couple of years, indoor training has become commonplace and some coaches prefer that their athletes ride intervals indoors to eliminate variables. Bringing your ride inside allows you fit a ride into your schedule no matter the time of day (or weather) and you never have to worry about traffic. And thanks to technology you can take on ride famous courses and climbs via CycleOps VirtualTraining or other similar apps.

Litespeed Bicycles - Made in Tennessee

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OOLTEWAH, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Litespeed Bicycles are regarded as the Ferrari or Lamborghini of cycling, and they are all made in Ooltewah, Tennessee.

Lazer Z1 - Best Aero Road Helmet

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Again, the Lazer Z1 helmet wins the Best Aero Road Helmet 2015 review from  Click here for link for the article from

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