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QR-YKKBikes powered athlete Maria Hodges wins 2nd place on IM 70.3 Subic Bay 2016

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Congratulations to USA based Filipina Triathlete Maria Hodges for clinching 2nd place of the Women's Filipino Elite division on IM70.3 Subic Bay 2016 last March 6, 2016. She finished a time of 05:16:20 after a grueling 1.9 KM swim, 90 KM bike and 21KM run.

Quintana Roo/Vision Wheel/SRAM powered athlete Maria Hodges will be back racing in the Philippines on August 7, 2016 for the IM70.3 Cebu Asia Pacific Championships.

Crowie wins Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay 2016

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Argonaut, three-time Ironman World Champion and two-time Ironman 70.3 World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander was the fastest overall finisher at the 2016 Century Ironman 70.3 at Subic Bay, Philippines, clocking in at 3:48:56.

Crowie thus proves once again his supremacy in one of his favorite events and notches his 28th consecutive Ironman 70.3 win in the process.

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Lazer M2 Eyewear

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Lazer Magneto eyewear, the easiest to adjust and most comfortable fitting eyewear available! Magneto attaches to the helmet straps with magnets and this prevents pressure on the sides of the riders head as well as keeps the eyewear temples from interfering with the helmet retention system! The M2 is the newest addition to the Magneto line up and is available in stores now!

Crowie signs with Argon 18 Bikes

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Argon 18 proudly announces the signing of Craig Alexander, five-time World Champion and current IRONMAN World Championships record holder. A true leading figure and experienced athlete respected by all, Alexander won the IRONMAN in Kona and the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships on several occasions.

“I am extremely happy and excited to be partnering with Argon 18”, Alexander said. “They are a company focused on performance and are also committed to the sport of triathlon. Their bikes are built to go fast and the new E-119 Tri is at the cutting edge of racing and high performance riding.”

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This is why -

Quintana Roo PRFive - Lava Magazine Gear of the Year

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Lava Magazine Editor's Pick for 2016 Gear of the Year - the Quintana Roo PRFive.

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