Pedro’s competitive advantage is clear: we keep bikes rolling with innovation and our mind on what matters. Many of us agree that the bicycle is an instrument of good and it can help. We at Pedro’s are committed to keeping them rolling as sustainably and cleverly as possible.

We’re not just committed to the bike and the planet, however. We think a lot about your personal space as well. Dirty is easy.  The difficult chemistry comes in designing bike care products that improve the health of the bike without damaging yours. You’ll find no Toluene, Naphtha, Mineral Spirits, PTFE, 2-butoxyethanol, Acetone, or other carcinogens, mutagens, or other general badness in our stuff.

On our hardware, we’ve abandoned PVC for TPU, hexavalent chrome and lead, and embraced Parkerizing and other durable and safe finishes. Our packaging reflects this ethos as well with recycled and recyclable materials throughout. All while delivering design forward and award winning tools and accessories.

Our position is up-market, with products designed for committed cyclists and thoughtful people.

The ability to place products in three segments allows Pedro’s to: position itself for “Complete Bicycle Care,” supply a broader product range, and offer more solutions than any of our direct competitors.